Help Yourself

If 8 years ago, one of the big shots (for example Mr. David Koch who died last year in June and unfortunately could not take $48 billion his net worth with him) was a little interested in this idea and put a small start to it, the world would not have experienced COVID19 today.

        In 2020  each person in the following long lists, by his or her voice or money   can start the establishment of The Human Center,

An organization much more vital and effective than the UN.  Naturally in any society the super-rich and the celebrities are more capable to see whatever is truly happening. Seeing a blind person going toward a cliff, brings responsibly if you can do something.  The rich and the celebrities are very much responsible today for the future of the human and the earth because they are capable of changing the course of the streams.  It’s like turning a blind eye to cancer, it might take away the treatment’s pain for now but soon it will ends to death no matter the poor or the billionaire. If you are the one who might care, please ask for more details. The fulfillment and legacy that comes with changing the world to be a better place, for some billionaires holds more value and impact than adding one extra zero to an account. The philanthropist will spend the money himself. For the celebrities being more desirable and famous among people will be the reward. Please send an email and live for thousands of years in history or ask for more explanation about how it is easily possible.    

In 1943 F. Roosevelt drew this sketch and
soon the U.N was established