The Cover Sheet

Actually, this site is an open letter to ..(Continued on page 2)

The Cover Sheet


  • 1- There is this beautiful and rich planet called earth 4.5 billion years old
    2- This planet is surely a masterpiece of the art of creation in the whole universe. Every single creature is amazing and the surrounding just incredible.
    3- But there are these human beings living there. They are f… the extraordinary planet and themselves in a hurry.
    4- Because of their rulers and politicians, you should see how they are miserable, lonely, violent, starving, savage, merciless, murderer, stupid, destroyer ….
    5- Is this the only way to live? Isn’t it the time for a big change due to the science and technology they have reached?
    6- What is a practical and easy way to carry out this big change that everyone demands but no one tables the solution. The change begins when humans comprehend “science” is the only solution, not today’s politics, by establishing a home for “science“.

Comparing whatever the philanthropists are doing today (mostly to gain prestige)
to what’s really happening, is painting the balcony of a falling house.

The only way to save the home, the beautiful planet is to be guided and ruled by science and wisdom, not to be deceived by misleading and stupidity. Nowadays all human beings on earth are connecting and acting as one body, this body needs a brain to function and make the right decisions, the brain will be called The Human Center. This site is in search of the first one or a few persons who instead of turning a blind eye to human problems, turn a blind eye to a few billion money for taking the first step toward creating The Human center. The least benefit would be for their next generation to live happily and still wealthy. Unavoidably at our time, we shall have big unexpected variations in human life on earth. These changes will come as disasters or as blessings. It depends on how we move now.